Friday, July 15, 2016


Hello people!
As you know I've just got back from my super-fun-holiday in Europe. You can read my experience in Europe here. Being away in Jakarta for about 3 weeks means have to catch up with all of these new restaurants and coffeeshops. So excited to try them all!

Been feeling bloated and unhealthy these days due to my non-stop eating at my holiday. It was cold back then I keep consuming hot chocolate to keep me warm. I know it was just an excuse, right? :p
Knowing that Epigastro is one healthy style of restaurant that serves organic foods tickled me to try it.

Epigastro is located in PIK aligned with holywings. Place-wise it's pretty. Natural light, greenery scene, all the ambiance which is gonna make you sit and relax. Good music, too!

Having holiday abroad meaning consume less fruits. So happy that they have this quite wide selections of cold pressed juice. Finally a glass of healthy goodness! 
What's up doc, was not bad at all. So refreshing!

They have this epigastro salad, which was sold out at that time. So I went dor caesar salad with additional grilled chicken-60k. It was just fine and ordinary. 

Salted egg spaghetti with prawn-110k
Thing you have to remember is they are serving healthy organic dish which makes them using less those unhealthy ingredients. Delivering the impact that this one was a bit bland. The salted egg was there, but it was not surprising. It was just ordinary. 
Overall it was a very good ambiance place, but food-wise, it was kinda overpriced and ordinary. Chit chatting with your girls would be perfect here, though. 

Ruko Crown Golf blok A no 57 (align with Holywings)

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya

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