Monday, July 25, 2016


Here comes the post about one of the latest restaurant in Jakarta: OJJU KOREAN RESTAURANT!

I did see the post about Ojju from my fellow blogger and somehow it was so tempting with its melted cheese on the hotplate. Another friend of mine also told me about this quite popular Korean restaurant in Korea which was serving this kind of Korean food, and it was great they said. So I decided to try Ojju at Kota Kasablanka Mal.

Ojju is located in upperground level at Kota Kasablanka, resides at that food area. Place-wise, it was not so spacious, fit for around 50 people I guess. Anyway, reservation is recommended because it was quite packed when I was there. I did make a reservation but still have to wait for 45 minutes. While waiting the live show cooking at each table was entertaining and such a pleasure to be watched!


Set of budae jigae. Korean soup with choices of beef/ chicen/ seafood/ vegetables. I added korean ramen (22k) to enhance the soup. Kimchi was not too strong in my opinion and the color was a bit pale. My recommendation was adding the cheese too! The cheese somehow made the soup became thicker and more enjoyable. It was an enjoyable budae jigae tho!


Korean ramen+cheese+warm soup: perfect ;)


The live cooking of the cheese, rolling it to the ribs was quite an entertainment to the eye. Portion of cheese was generous with 4 big chunks of beef ribs. The rib was quite flavorful at the outer side, but I found it was a bit bland in the middle site. Texture was tender, too. The cheese, in my honest opinion, was quite bland, I really hope it was more salty to enhance the flavor on the hot plate. Anyway they have 3 level of spiciness and the mild one was quite spicy already.


They had the same presentation with the previous one. I actually prefer this one rather than the ribs one. Chicken was tender and quite flavorful and the cheese (although it was bland) made it more tasty! It might be a bit subjective because I personally liked chicken better than beef. They also served it with potato wedges which was crunchy and well-seasoned.


So when you order for Kimchi fried rice, the rice would be cooked on the top of hotplate rig after they cooked the rolling cheese for you. Kimchi sauce was a bit mild. I hope they can make a stronger flavor for the kimchi. Fried rice was not bad, but I thought a little bit of salt and soy sauce would be nice (I found it bland, too!).



Japchae was actually quite nice but I really surprised with its small size comparing with the price. Pajeon was not the best I've ever had, a bit bland and I felt like the flour taste was quite dominating.

Overall it was quite a good dinner for me. From all that I tried, I recommended the rolling cheese with chicken wings because it was my favorite here. Although the ribs was not bad too. For cheese lover, trying this one is a must!

Ojju Indonesia
Mal Kota Kasablanka UG no FSU 35
Jakarta Pusat

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